To Transform the Discovery and Development of Life-Changing Therapies and Products with AI-Powered Technology to Improve Human Health and the Quality of Life

InveniAI Over the Years

Our journey began over a decade ago to solve real-world problems for the pharmaceutical industry. Effectively utilizing available information is central to staying innovative in data and research-dependent industries. In response, we created an industry-leading technology platform - AlphaMeld®, which has been crucial in delivering significant clinical, transactional, and strategic impact for over 150 biopharma industry collaborations. This has solidified the value of using AI technology to guide and expedite the discovery and development of meaningful solutions across all therapeutic areas and modalities.

In 2017, the parent company, BioXcel LLC (Est 2005), spun out InveniAI to focus on AI applications for drug discovery and development and our sister company, BioXcel Therapeutics, to focus on developing neuroscience and immuno-oncology programs.

We boast a global, robust, and diverse team of handpicked domain experts including translational, clinical, commercial, AI, and IT experts who work across our offices in Guilford, CT, Basel, Switzerland, and India. Our team is wholly focused on building and enhancing the development of our platform to expedite the discovery and advancement of healthcare products and technologies. Our team resolutely believes in the power of AI-technology to capture innovation and bring about expedited transformational therapies and products to the market.

Culture and Commitment

We are a global team, proud of our diversity and dedicated to leveraging technology to complement human expertise for the comprehensive discovery and development of healthcare innovation. Our team works tirelessly to eliminate hardships and improve quality of life for patients that continue to have unmet healthcare needs. We believe trust and a challenging, yet team-oriented, environment in which each person is motivated by the company’s goals is key to making a lasting impact. We aim to nurture intelligence and foster leaders with an intimate understanding of their impact on those around them.

InveniAI is dedicated to creating a lively and diverse work environment where embracing a diversity of thought, collaboration, and learning together is central to what we do.