Our Platform Assimilates Data, Sees Through Complexity, and Delivers Clarity

AlphaMeld® is an AI-based, universal signal detection system built on the premise that every innovation begins with a core discovery or invention that gathers momentum. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning the platform accelerates innovation by identifying alpha signals of innovation for targets, drugs, and healthcare products and technologies. Primed with data sets that have been curated and connected for over a decade, the platform generates testable hypotheses based on an ideal mode of pharmacotherapy (antibody, protein replacement, siRNA, mRNA, small molecule, cell and gene therapy, and gene-editing modalities), disease severity, gene ontology, disease pathways, proteinopathies, standard of care, emerging innovation, and enabling technologies while factoring in medical, scientific, strategic, and commercial considerations. Operating in real-time, AlphaMeld® shapes and drives healthcare innovation by ensuring that the most discrete signals are detected, amplified, and taken into account.

The Groundwork

Generating the highest quality datasets is foundational to the results we acquire. We have spent over a decade curating and connecting data sets (internal and externally sourced, structured and unstructured) and continue to add new data points to ensure data reliability, validity, and relatability.


Clinical Events


Data Captured


Domain Experts




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Major Diseases


Rare Diseases

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Making Biological Connections

The platform is actively learning with hundreds of industry- and disease-specific algorithms that use vast repositories of data to uncover hidden connections and build associations. Hypotheses are presented to our world-class scientists, researchers, and data scientists for rapid judgment and to further improve and accelerate every step of the innovation process.

Drug Discovery
and Development

Bringing innovative treatments to patients with unmet needs is our ultimate goal. The platform ensures that we are thorough in our quest to match the...

Right Modality To The Right Target That In Combination Is ransformational For The Right Disease

InveniAI’s AlphaMeld® platform was built to accelerate innovation by allowing our experts to rank order hypotheses for further testing. We have seen several candidates from AlphaMeld progress into clinical development.

Partner Programs and Clinical Impact

Augmenting human expertise with artificial intelligence ensures that only candidates and clinical programs with the highest likelihood of success are pursued – reducing costs and saving time and resources, and most importantly addressing an unmet need for patients across the globe.

Capturing Innovation Across Consumer-Driven Healthcare

Modern technology has brought about a new type of consumer - they are more involved, engaged, and taking control of their health by seeking products and services that create meaningful value for their day-to-day experiences. The AlphaMeld® platform allows our collaborators to identify consumer-specific innovation and convert the earliest signals of discovery into innovative products for consumers.

Access AlphaMeld®


Artificial intelligence can augment and assist human-driven processes and skills, while machine learning drives strategy but ultimately, humans remain responsible for how that information is harnessed. Our strength is based on this premise and the relentless pursuit to help our collaborators excel in achieving their goal to be at the forefront of innovation excellence. If you would like to access AlphaMeld, please contact our business development team at alphameld@inveniai.com.

Access OmniVirtuo

OmniVirtuo, a virtual reality (VR) application of AlphaMeld®, allows users to view and manipulate a three-dimensional views of complex network association maps created by AlphaMeld®. This will enables researchers to delineate interactions between a drugs, a drug targets, and associated disease pathophysiologies. This unique view facilitates the prediction of key associations that can be used leveraged for the drug discovery and development for of transformational patient therapies.
Omnivirtuo is accessible on the cloud in a secure environment to unlock the power of artificial intelligence for pharmaceutical drug discovery and development. Additional features of AlphaMeld that can be accessed by OmnivVirtuo, include medical device development, comparative assessment of medical products and medical technologies, and the comparative assessment of consumer products and services.


  • Accelerates innovation for targets, drugs, and healthcare products and technologies
  • Generates testable hypotheses based on multiple factors
  • Operates in real-time and in a rapidly changing and diverse data environment
  • Uncovers hidden connections and makes associations